Are you tired of the chaos that often accompanies your PhD research journey? Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of unorganized notes and lost data? We get it, and we've got the solution – the PhD Planner, your no-nonsense guide to streamlining your doctoral experience.

Why the PhD Planner?

Let's cut to the chase. Our PhD Planner isn't just another fancy tool, it's a practical, straightforward handbook designed with one goal in mind – to make your life as a PhD student easier. Organize your research and stay on track, it is prepared with PhD experts so you can efficiently track deadlines, manage references, and organize notes. 

This meticulously crafted handbook doesn't just organize, it completely transforms your entire research experience. For instance, you can now seamlessly navigate data collection with step-by-step guidance, making strategic decisions on sources and sampling methods. There's no wrong time to invest in your success – whether you're at the inception of topic selection or deeply immersed in data analysis, the Planner adapts to your needs.

How to Use the PhD Planner

So, how does it work? Simple.

  • Get Yours: Click that order button. The sooner you have the PhD Planner in your hands, the sooner you take control of your research.

  • Make it Your Own: This isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. Personalize your planner to suit your research style. It's your journey, and the PhD Planner adapts to you.

  • Stay on Track: Use the planner not just to record, but to guide. Keep yourself motivated, set milestones, and let the PhD Planner lead you to success.

In addition to the PhD Planner, check out two valuable add-ons tailored to your specific field. Avail Topic Consultation and a PhD Synopsis from experts, see purchase section for details.  


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Tanu Narayan 18 Nov 2023
Mine had some issues with the pages but returned it for a new one and yeah its been a lifesaver for structuring my PhD journey – so I highly recommend!
Arushi Khosla 05 Oct 2023
I've tried various planners, but the PhD Planner is in a league of its own. It's not just about time management; it's a comprehensive guide that has been my anchor - even scribbling short notes is fun on this one!
Saakshi 14 Sep 2023
I stumbled upon the PhD Planner when I was lost in structuring my research. I highly recommend it to every PhD scholar seeking order in their academic pursuits.
Shivansh Mitra 07 Jul 2023
This planner isn't just for PhD students – it's a must for anyone immersed in research. I would say it gives you a very concrete idea of proper research flow but I have already published papers so don’t take my word for it, try it out!
Anupam Shanker 08 Jun 2023
Kudos to the creators of the PhD Planner! It's more than just awesome – it's a good help for sticking to my schedule.
Narendra Chahal 19 May 2023
The PhD Planner has been a game-changer for my research journey. Its innovative approach has added a new dimension to organizing my work, and I'm sincerely thankful for this invaluable tool!
Isha Nath 17 May 2023
Tried the PhD Planner, and it's more like a maze than a guide. But I guess you could get the hang of it if you like follow it through or whatever but for me it was not of much help;
Arnav Das 06 May 2023
Thought it was just a fancy notebook. What it actually is its like some guide or mentor or something but without the boring lectures. Total win!
Vipul Suresh 02 Apr 2023
It's just a bunch of pages telling me what I already know. Not worth the hype.
Lakshmi Kakar 16 Feb 2023
Its user-friendly design and thoughtful sections make it an essential tool for any researcher. It has simplified my life, allowing me to focus on my work without the usual hassles

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The Planner is not a one-size-fits-all tool. You can personalize it to align with your unique research style, ensuring it becomes a seamless part of your individual workflow. The beauty of our PhD Planner lies in its adaptability to your distinct research approach.
Some common mistakes that PhD students make when using our specialized PhD Planner include:
  • Not using the planner consistently.
  • Trying to cram too much information into their planner.
  • Not using their planner to set goals.
  • Not tracking their progress.
Absolutely. The PhD Planner has been devised by experts in the field of PhD consultation and those with PhD degrees. Your research process with the Planner will feel a whole lot different than going at it alone and its specialized sections is why many users found the Planner to be a guiding force in structuring their research. It provides a systematic approach to organize your work efficiently.
When we said the planner is going to be there with you all the way through - we meant it! The Planner offers a complete guide on receiving comments from your supervisor and incorporating them into your academic document. It also allows you to mark important dates in the calendar for meetings and other key events. So don’t be discouraged about the corrections - pick up your planner and pull through!
Yes, the PhD Planner is versatile and beneficial for scholars in various disciplines. Whether you're immersed in the technical aspects of engineering, of biotech and pharma, or the nuanced analyses of literature and management, the Planner's comprehensive design accommodates all. Its adaptable features cater to the diverse needs of researchers, making it a valuable tool across different fields. It offers customizable sections, allowing researchers from different fields to structure and organize their work in a way that suits their specific needs.
Currently, it's not available in ebook format, but we're working on the digital format. Stay tuned for updates on the app's launch to enhance your planning experience.
YES! Our PhD Planner can be an invaluable tool for helping you publish research in a journal. It will provide you with a structured approach to organizing your research, setting goals, and tracking your progress -
  • The Planner can help you research and identify a list of journals that are a good fit for your research.
  • It also has a list of expert editor points to get you started on formatting and preparing your manuscript according to the journal requirements.
  • The Planner can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to submit your paper once you have chosen the journal
There's no specific stage – you can grab the PhD Planner at any point in your PhD journey. Whether you're just starting with topic selection or knee-deep in data analysis, the Planner adapts to your needs.
The PhD Planner is designed to provide a structured approach to your research journey. It guides you through each stage, helping you organize your data, track progress, and maintain a clear roadmap for success. Whether it's literature reviews, experimental notes, or key findings, the Planner provides a dedicated space for each. It guides you through critical choices of your research without confusing you with technicalities alone.
The PhD Planner is a specialized organizational tool tailored for the unique demands of a doctoral journey. Unlike a traditional diary, it offers a structured approach, guiding users through each phase of their research. It's not just about scheduling or note taking; it's a dynamic companion that streamlines data organization, progress tracking, and task prioritization. With designated sections for research design, data collection, and even publishing, it transcends the limitations of your personal diary, providing a comprehensive framework that ensures efficiency, clarity, and success throughout the complex process of earning a PhD.