Plagiarism Check for thesis

Plagiarism is the wrongful entitlement and academic theft of the work of another and publishing it as one’s own. The varied academic content would include language, expressions or ideas in the form of text, graphical representations, audio-visual representations or web content. Some of the common reasons for plagiarism are:

  • Including images, tables, figures, etc. directly from another source
  • Summarising the ideas without giving credits to the original author
  • Failing to cite sources used to develop research document
  • Demonstrating original author’s work as your own
  • Failing to include quotations wherever quotes are included
  • Merely replacing words within the sentence taken from other source

Concerns About Plagiarism

Loss Of Originality

The inclusion of a duplicate or copied content results in the loss of originality of the thesis paper. This leads to the contribution of no or less value-added information to the research community.

Disrespecting Sources

Merely copying the contents from the work of any other author is disrespecting them, at least intellectually. It devalues the efforts and time invested in the previous work done by other researchers.

Lacking Critical Analysis

A copied content will lack in the connections between the data discussed. Generally, an original thesis written by a doctoral student will be critically analysed by them or advisors to measure the effects of the chosen topic.

Loss Of Credibility

A copyright claim will hinder the knowledge demonstration of the doctoral student. One could fail to establish their credibility as a writer. This inturn leads to loss of valued contribution to one’s field of study.

How We Help You?

We scan all types of research documents manually and also using cutting edge technologies to spot duplicate content & also the subtlest of errors.The aspects included in our service are as follows:

Citation Analysis

We analyse the citation of works by checking and recording the citation efforts made at any work or of any author depending on the number of times the work has been cited. It determines the importance of a work.

Scrutinise For Duplicate Content

Our team employs surefire tricks & advanced tools to identify the duplicate content in the research document. We also generate plagiarism reports and provide it to you during the process. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Revise The Report

We also include data tracking services additional to plagiarism checking. We review and report where the revised or original form of data is used and cited by others. The team not only does it in larger amounts but quickly too.

Manual Inspection For Quotation Marks

Quotes when borrowed from existing literature sources must be included within the quotation marks. Our team manually goes through your research document and scrutinises for quotation marks.