Thesis Defense Preparation

Thesis defence analysis is carried out in sessions to test the defence argument presented by the doctoral student in support of his/her topic of study. A thesis defence generally constitutes arguments or solutions regarding the queries raised by the thesis committee during the session. The finalised version of the thesis to be published is presented with the following credentials:

  • Adequate knowledge and understanding of one’s field of study
  • Clear objective and a focal point which is evident in the topic
  • Formal representation of justifications on finalised proceedings
  • Logical interpretations and judgements involving the topic of defence
  • Critically analysed data satisfying all open-end queries
  • All around preparation to craftily share and discuss topic and research

Thesis defence challenges

Preparation and presentation

Collection of information and presenting it in a well-written thesis in itself involves a lot of work. To prepare oneself for a defence session, one needs to critically analyse the collected data.

Unexpected question stream

One may be questioned with an extensive number of questions posed by the committee to test their knowledge of the topic of the thesis. Sometimes, it might be on further research possibilities.

Unexplored core content

A carefully chosen thesis topic might include information one has not included or failed to accomplish. There is a possibility that an interviewer in the case of a defence session could inquire on such.

Ability to meet deadlines

A thesis defence is a process that occurs in consequential sessions. It might include higher chances to hinder the final publication process of the thesis as they need to be submitted before time

What’s included in our service?

At Quantum Research, our expert panel provides exceptional defence preparation service by understanding the needs of both a doctoral student and the university.

PowerPoint presentations

We offer to prepare a powerpoint presentation which in general comprises 10-15 slides including topic, the body of the thesis and summation. We help you keep up your pace of oral presentation before the doctoral committee.

Preparation of questions

We aim to formulate a set of possible questions that a doctoral committee can put forth during each session of thesis defence. The arguments are modified to emphasize the significance of the topic of research.

Experts counsel

Our expert team of thesis writers customize a defence preparation by being connected with the researcher. This helps one learn in depth about the process and be well aware of the possible questions and answers.

Public speaking experts

We provide the service of oral presentation and answering viva by the help of personal sessions with our experts. They give proper feedback and pointers on how to improve oneself to present a better defence.