PhD Title Selection

A good title is a gateway to a perfect research document. It depicts the originality of the research and introduces the research to the fullest. However, choosing an apt title is easier said than done. Some of the hardships faced while selecting the title include:

  • Choosing a title that is either too narrow or broad
  • Lack of theoretical basis to support the title
  • Finding gaps in the existing literature sources
  • Selecting a title that does not speak about current issues
  • Unavailability of relevant background information
  • Opting for a title that includes numerical parameters

Attributes Of A Good PhD Topic

Clear & Brief

A good title must be clear and easy to understand. It should describe the information in a precise & unambiguous manner.

Excludes Jargon

Titles with non-standard abbreviations, jargon and technical terms are considered to be an uninteresting title.

Leads The Reader

Describes the primary goal of the research accurately and leads the reader in the right direction.


A good title should allow for modification & completion of the research on the predetermined due date.

Scope Of Our Service for PhD topic suggestion service

Fresh title suggestion

Our consultants from the same field of study as yours’ will suggest 3-4 titles of current importance that are unique, interesting and original.

Overview of the title

Besides providing you with the novel title, we also give a brief yet informative summary of the finalised topic in about 250 words.

Sample references

On finalising the title, our team provides a list of sample papers to support the title and give a better understanding of the title.

Revise the title

If required, on providing valid feedback & precise comments from your supervisor, our team will also revise the title (in the same domain).