Plagiarism Removal Service

Plagiarised or unauthorised usage of other’s work is not welcomed anywhere, be it for general purpose or academic. Incase of proven plagiarised content, one could face unpleasant outcomes such as being ousted from a research or writing a thesis by their respective advisor, college or university. The issues of unchecked plagiarism is:

  • Can lead to legal action, paying fines or penalties
  • Possibility of losing work or end up destroying it
  • Expulsion at the most by respective academic institution
  • Gradual decrease in the skill set of the academic arena
  • Devaluation of degree or the written work along with plagiarised tag
  • Hinders overall academic career of the doctoral student

How To Avoid Plagiarism?

Correct Citations

Citing is one of the best approaches to avoid plagiarism. Use the university recommended citation style (MLA, Harvard, MLA, etc.) and cite the sources.


Another possible way to give credit to other’s works is to include them in quotations. This suggests one has actually studied the references and not just copied them.


Another option is to paraphrase the content that is taken from the existing literature. However, one should ensure that the meaning of content is retained during the process.

Inclusion Of Reference Page

Include works cited (in a separate page) or reference page at the end of the thesis or research paper. Follow the guidelines of the formatting style while doing so.

How do we remove plagiarism?

How to stop oneself from the inconveniences caused by plagiarism? The answer is simple as that. One can opt for plagiarism check and removal services offered by the team at Quantum Research and steer clear of any unwanted legal and logical claims.

Here’s a sneak peek at our hassle-free work process

Submit The Research Document

Get in touch with our team and submit your research document while keeping us informed about your field of study.

Check For Plagiarism

Using cutting-edge software we check and identify the plagiarised content throughout the research document.

Work On Duplicate Content

Our team of editors either completely eliminate or rewrite the plagiarised content while maintaining its original meaning.

Re-scan The Research Document

After reworking on the duplicate content, we conduct multiple scans and ensure that the research document is plagiarism-free.