Review of PhD Topic

PhD includes several important stages; the first & most critical being the topic selection. Choosing a suitable topic from a pool of PhD topics is no cakewalk. It demands expertise and the ability to hand-pick the unexplored topic. Qualities of good PhD topic include:

  • Demonstrate the need for conducting the research
  • Must not have double-barreled impression
  • Describe the current importance
  • Should be directional & free of ambiguity
  • Must be free of any kind of bias
  • Be free of unethical & absurd terms

Factors to consider while choosing PhD topic

Subject relevance

Besides being the topic of interest, it must be related to your field of study and reflect the specialty of the subject.

Knowledge on topic

Consider the amount of knowledge you have about the topic to avoid choosing a topic that isn’t manageable

Popularity of topic

Popular topics must be avoided as there would be nothing important left to be explored.


The topic should have the potential to deliver significant results and add value to the existing knowledge base.

A glimpse at our service

A good PhD topic can act as a stepping stone to a successful research document. Many a time, doctoral students end up choosing a non-value adding PhD topic and face rejection from the review committee. To help such scholars, our team of expert consultants offer free review of topic service and enable them to fuel their PhD journey. Our consultants will:

Look for the relevance

Our consultants will scrutinise the topic and ensure that it is clear & subject relevant.

Check for feasibility

We will also make sure that the chosen topic allows for the timely completion of research.

Check for research gap

Our subject-matter experts will analyse if the chosen topic has the ability to fill the research gap.

Provide constructive feedback

After a complete evaluation of the topic, we provide valuable feedback on the chosen topic.